• Will and Estate Planning. Have your wishes respected and care for your loved ones
    Powers of Attorney
    Preparing documents that have the ability to voice your wishes in times of incapacity are critical and help to protect your assets and your body.
  • Corporate and Commercial Lawyer – Toronto GTA, Durham, Clarington, Northumberland Region
    Corporate and Commercial
    Understanding your options and selecting the right business vehicle is imperative for the success of your venture.
  • Real Estate Law services for Durham Region
    Real Estate
    From buying to selling and everything in between, the successful navigation of Real Estate markets and transactions is critical to your matter.
  • Probate and Estate Matters for Durham
    Estate Administration
    The administration of an estate can be overwhelming and the process may be difficult to navigate and understand.
  • Wills and Estate planning give you and your loved peace of mind
    Wills and Estate Planning
    Having a will and engaging in estate planning is important at every stage of life and provides clarity and comfort for those administering your estate.
  • Notary Public and Commissioner Services
    Notary Public
    In some instances there may be a need to have a document sworn or to obtain a true copy of an original document.
  • Guardianship allows for your loved ones to be cared for financially and personally
    There are forms available for use in applying to act as a guardian for an incapacitated individual. Understanding the documentation and process involved can help you navigate the system successfully.
  • Notary Public and Commissioner Services for clients with respect to transactions in Ontario, proudly serving Toronto GTA, Durham, Clarington, Northumberland
    Contract Review
    Contracts require certain provisions in order to be legal and binding. When executing a contract, you need to take steps to ensure that your rights are protected.