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There are many different vehicles for conducting business, including, but not limited to, sole-proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. While incorporating a business can have certain advantages, there are also added responsibilities which include the filing of a separate tax return, maintaining corporate records, etc. Law In Motion Professional Corporation can assist you in determining which business vehicle is right for you and can provide assistance with annual corporate maintenance, as required.

In addition, Law In Motion Professional Corporation can assist you with contract drafting and review. Whether you require a contact for employees, independent contractors, clients and/or external business transactions, we can assist you with the document preparation and review.


At Law In Motion Professional Corporation we value clarity, precision and proper drafting and will work with you to ensure that all contracts fit your business needs and protect your company now and in the future.


  • Incorporation: $850.00 plus disbursements and HST;
  • Corporate maintenance: $50.00 per resolution plus disbursements and HST;
  • Minute book review: $250.00 plus disbursements and HST;
  • Contract review and drafting: based on a rate of $200.00 per hour (plus disbursements and HST).


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Witnessing Documents

We can assist with executing affidavits, verifying signatures, witnessing documents and child travel forms, Certifying true copies of original documents and commissioning documents.

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